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Fukushima NGO Collaboration Space has been receiving many visitors from overseas, who are donors, program officers of NGO’s, people from various religious circles, environmental activists and so on. Many of them visited Fukushima and met local people. Every visitor was shocked by the situation and impressed by the resilient people who stood up against difficulties, though they once had been completely shattered by the disaster.

After the tour, we gave them some minutes to make appeal to the world in front of the video camera. This is the archive of those short video messages released without editing.

Kristian Laemmle-Ruff
by admin
Kristian Laemmle-Ruff Photographer

Adrian Glamorgan
by janic
AdrianGlamorgan UNDERSTORY: Westren Australia's only environment current affairs radio program

Elizabeth PO’
by janic
Elizabeth PO' UNDERSTORY: Westren Australia's only environment current affairs radio program

Ms.Wahida Banu
by janic
Aparajeyo-Bangladesh Executive Director

Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki
by janic
President (RRN) International Co-ordinator (LDC Watch)

by janic
Community Physician Specialist Manager of Cancer Control Center in Basrah, Iraq

Dr.Jawad Al-Ali
by janic
Alsader Teaching Hospital, Basrah, Iraq

Dr.Tilman Ruff
by janic
Associate Professor, University of Melbourne Co-President of IPPNW

Mr.Tomohiro Matsuoka
by janic
Investment Analyst,Japanese for Peace

Ms.Manisha Thomas
by janic
Consultant, Church World Service

Mr.Sudhanshu Shekar Singh
by janic
Senior programme Officer for Asia/Pacific and Humanitarian Response, Act Alliance

Sister Janice Mclaughlin, MM
by janic
President, Maryknoll Sisters of St.Dominic, Inc.






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