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Telling what is happening now in Fukushima to the world with compact short movie in each issue … JJ News, a collaboration work with JANIC and JIM-NET(Japan Iraq Medical Network)*, is created by the local staff who interview, edit and disseminate the news in Fukushima which mass medias are not covering normally.

One program is around 3-5 minutes and you can learn about the issues that people in Fukushima are facing right now.

*JIM-NET has been carrying out the medical assistance for the children who are suffering from the health problem due to the depleted uranium shells used in the Iraq war. JIM-NET has already created the same kind of video news for many years.


Sorry, we have only Japanese version now. English version is coming soon.

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Restarting Farming in Warning zone – from Odaka district
by janic

Children and Radiation-Learning about Radiation through Card Game
by janic
I have taken up “by any chance Carta” intelligibly summarizes what to do when a nuclear accident occurs. I want to know about a fun activity for children.

The Story of Fukushima Peaches 2012
by janic






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