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» The number of Fukushima children diagnosed with or suspected to have thyroid cancer became 172

The 23rd Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for Fukushima Health Management Survey was held in Fukushima city yesterday and the updated result of the thyroid ultrasound Examination was announced.

According to Fukushima Medical University who conducts the survey, 30 young people who were  18 and under at the time of nuclear accident  have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and 27 others are  suspected of having it in the 2nd round check which started from June 2014 and is going on. Combined with the result of the 1st round check which started from October 2011 and has completed , total 131 are diagnosed with thyroid cancer and 41 others are suspected of having the disease.

Out of 57 children who are diagnosed or suspected of having thyroid cancer in the 2nd round check, 53 were judged as level A (A1: no systs/nodules, A2: nodules ≤5.0 mm or cysts ≤20.0 mm) in the 1st round check and required no detailed examination.

It was also announced that a 5 years old boy was diagnosed or suspected with caner this time. Fukushima medical university has been saying that childhood thyroid cancer cases found in Fukushima Prefecture are unlikely to be the result of the radiation exposure after 11 March 2011 and one of the basis of their view was that  few thyroid cancer cases are found among younger children who are at high risk of suffering damage from radiation exposure.  In response to a question of reporters, Hokuto Hoshi, head of the panel and a senior member of the Fukushima Medical Association said that he would not change his earlier view.

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