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» Government to lift evacuation order to town of Naraha by mid-August

On June 17th, the government  proposed lifting evacuation order to entire town of Naraha in Fukushima prefecture by mid-August . Most of the town of Naraha sits within 20km of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and  entire town was designated as restricted area after the nuclear accident in 2011. Naraha will be the first among seven towns and villages, which were ordered by the central government to evacuate in their entirety after the nuclear accident, to have the order lifted. As part of preparations, residents have already been allowed to enter the town and stay there for short periods.


Areas to which evacuation order was issued and location of Naraha town

<Media Reports>

Goverment proposes lifting evacuation order for town of Naraha by mid-August (The Japan Times/Kyodo)

Gov’t to lift evacuation order for Fukushima Prefecture town of Naraha (The Mainichi)

Evacuees from Fukushima town get official OK to return home in time for Bon (The Asahi Shimbun AJW) 


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