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» Diluting a dust suppressant by TEPCO caused to spread radioactive dust around

TEPCO diluted a dust suppressant that rendered it ineffective and allowed the spread of radioactive materials that contaminated 12 workers at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant in summer 2013, officials said.

The suppressant is supposed to prevent radioactive dust from getting into the air and spreading.

However, TEPCO not only diluted the suppressant to levels well below the manufacturers’ recommended standard, but it also did not use the suppressant on a daily basis when removing rubble at the stricken nuclear plant.

The sloppy use of the dust suppressant continued for about a year.
As a result, the effectiveness of the suppressant decreased and likely led to the spewing of radioactive materials in the summer of 2013.
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TEPCO’s sloppy handling of suppressant led to spread of radioactive dust in 2013 (Asahi Newspaper)

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