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» Institute of Environmental Radioactivity moved into full-scale

With its team of international researchers, Fukushima University’s Institute of Environmental Radioactivity moved into full-scale operation on Dec. 3.

An official ceremony was held to mark the opening of its new two-story-high facility built with a government subsidy of roughly 1.8 billion yen ($15 million).

Established in July 2013, the institute studies the effects of the fallout from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant accident triggered by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster as well as various forms of environmental contamination globally.

There are currently 13 researchers at the institute, nine of whom are from Russia, Ukraine or other nations. They have already begun conducting studies in cooperation with other research organizations and universities looking at lake beds and marshlands using underwater drones. They have also surveyed the distribution of radioactive materials in the oceans, woodlands and other parts of the ecosystem.
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Global eco-radiation research institute opens in Fukushima (Asahi Newspaper)

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