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» Electric companies contributed at least 32 million yen to LDP since Fukushima disaster

Over the three-year period from the Fukushima nuclear disaster through last year, subsidiaries and affiliates of the Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Hokuriku electric power companies contributed at least 32.28 million yen to a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) political funding group, it has been learned.

According to financial records for the period from 2011 through 2013 for the funding organization, the People’s Political Association, following the nuclear disaster Kansai Electric Power Co.’s affiliate “Kinden Corp.” contributed the most, at 13 million yen. “Chudenko Corp.,” affiliated with Chugoku Electric Power Co., “Yondenko Co.,” associated with Shikoku Electric Power Co., and “Hokuriku Electric Construction Co.,” affiliated with the Hokuriku Electric Power Co., also continuously gave funds, as did “Yonden Business Co.,” a subsidiary of Shikoku Electric.

Meanwhile, in January and April of 2011, “Kandenko,” an affiliate of Tokyo Electric Power Co., contributed a total of 6.8 million yen, and “Toenec Corp.,” an affiliate of Chubu Electric Power Co., contributed 6 million yen that January. Funds from these two companies were not observed in records from 2012 onward.
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Power company-affiliated businesses gave LDP 32 million yen over 3-year period (Mainichi Newspaper)


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