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» Minami-soma expressed anger over the radiation contamination caused by depris clearance work

Residents of Minami-Soma in Fukushima Prefecture expressed anger with the government and TEPCO for keeping them in the dark about radiation that contaminated local rice crops.

“We cannot help but distrust the agriculture ministry, which did not promptly let us know of the matter, despite it being a serious issue,” said Minami-Soma Mayor Katsunobu Sakurai.

According to the agriculture ministry, cesium levels of rice harvested in mid-August last year in Minami-Soma exceeded the safety standard of 100 becquerels per kilogram.

The ministry had determined that the removal of debris from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant caused radioactive substances to spread to 14 paddies outside the evacuation zone in Minami-Soma, more than 20 kilometers from the stricken nuclear plant.

The ministry informed TEPCO of the problem in March and ordered the utility to to take preventive measures. However, the ministry failed to inform the city of Minami-Soma of the situation.
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Minami-Soma lambastes government, TEPCO for remaining mum on rice contamination (Asahi Newspaper)

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