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» Dairy farmer brought his cow at Agricultural ministry to protest again the go’v policy

A cattle farmer from near the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant brought one of his cows to central Tokyo’s Kasumigaseki administrative district on Friday to protest against the government’s policy of culling cattle exposed to radiation in the wake of the nuclear crisis at the plant.

Defying a government ban on taking livestock outside a 20-kilometer radius of Fukushima No.1 plant, Masami Yoshizawa, 60, whose farm is located within the radius, transported the cow by truck to the farm ministry.

“For 40 years the prefecture of Fukushima sent electricity to Tokyo. But now we are abandoned,” Yoshizawa said using a microphone. Some of his supporters joined him in the protest.
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Fukushima cattle farmer brings cow for protest at farm ministry (Mainichi Newspaper)

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