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» Ex-PM Hosokawa wants to make Tokyo as a model for saving energy

Former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa, who is set to run in the Feb. 9 Tokyo gubernatorial race, has said that if elected, he is determined to transform Tokyo into a model city for saving energy.

“I’d like to showcase Tokyo to the world as a model for saving energy.I’d like to create bases for renewable energy in Fukushima and other parts of the Tohoku region, and to supply power generated in these areas to Tokyo,” Hosokawa answered interview by Mainich newspaper.

Regaring to 2020 Tokyo olympic game,Hosokawa mentioned “I’d like to make sure that Tohoku will benefit from the Games. I thought of holding the marathon event there, but it turned out to be difficult. I’m now considering setting up a site there for soccer training and player dormitories.”

Hosokawa criticized “Abenomics,” the economic policy mix promoted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for placing too much emphasis on economic growth — citing the government’s efforts to export nuclear plants.

Hosokawa also expressed concerns about the deadlock in Japan’s diplomacy toward Asia. “I’d like to promote inter-city diplomacy,” he said.


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Hosokawa states determination to transform Tokyo into model city for saving energy (Mainichi Newspapoer)

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