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» METI continue promoting nuclear power evern immediately after Fukushima disaster

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry began working to continue promoting nuclear power even immediately after the nuclear disaster in March 2011, according to Asahi Newspaper.

It has obtained a copy of METI’s confidential internal document titled, “Toward the Renaissance of Nuclear Energy,” which was compiled in late March 2011.

In the introduction, the ministry outlines the overall purpose of the report, saying “the stable supply of energy will be impossible without nuclear power,” and that “the government will announce its decision to maintain the nuclear promotion policy.”

The document also states in the introduction that Japan “will resuscitate nuclear energy, and rebuild the basis for promoting exports of infrastructure facilities,” indicating that the ministry would continue to advance nuclear power generation and further expand nuclear facilities exports.

The internal document consists of four chapters: emergent measures (to address the accident); declaration in an emergency situation; formation of a new nuclear watchdog agency; and the dismantlement of Tokyo Electric Power Co. and establishment of a new electricity supply business system.

Apparently, based on the report, the Nuclear Regulation Authority was established by the Democratic Party of Japan-led government.

Meanwhile, the ruling coalition is working to pass a contentious state secrets protection bill through the current Diet session, which ends Dec. 6, promising stiff prison sentences for those handling information designated as “specified secrets” who leak them.

Under the bill, specified secrets will cover four areas: defense; diplomacy; prevention of spying and other harmful activities; and prevention of terrorism.

Documents and other materials related to nuclear promotion, including the industry ministry’s report that The Asahi Shimbun obtained, could be candidates to be classified as specified secrets if the bill becomes law.

If the bill is enacted, Japanese citizens may become unable to check the planning processes of government nuclear policies in the future.
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Ministry continued promoting nuclear power right after Fukushima accident (Asahi Newspaper)

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