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» Fukushima people angry over state secrets protection bill

Fukushima residents are very angry over passing of a highly controversial state secrets protection bill through the House of Representatives on the evening of Nov. 26. There was a public hearing in Fukushima city one day before and strong opposition voices were raised to the politicians.

At the lower house special committee’s public hearing on the legislation held in Fukushima on Nov. 25, all of the seven local residents who were invited to state their opinions voiced opposition to or concerns about the government-sponsored secrecy bill. They voiced fear that information related to the Fukushima nuclear disaster could be designated as “special secrets.”

Their opinions, however, were not reflected in Diet deliberations. Therefore, they became infuriated at the quick-and-dirty passage of the bill through the lower house. One of the residents angrily said, “How far are they going to go in fooling us?”
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Fukushima residents furious at lower house passage of contentious secrecy bill (Mainichi Newspaper)

Fukushima residents plead against state secrets bill (Mainichi Newspaper)

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