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» NRA recommends evacuees to wear dosimeters once they return home

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has recommended that people who evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear disaster wear personal dosimeters once they return to their communities.But that might be easier said than done.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority explained Nov. 20 that its proposal would lead to new safety measures based on readings from personal dosimeters.

A number of obstacles stand in the way, however, such as how to measure personal doses and how to use that data to design ways to safeguard against radiation.

The NRA also called for the appointment of “facilitators,” or advisers to evacuees who have returned home.

The appointment of facilitators, included in the NRA recommendation, would not be easy. It remains unclear from where the advisers will be recruited, and how many people will be trained and eventually appointed.


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NRA plan to implement use of personal dosimeters no easy task (Asahi Newspaper)

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