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» Government settles to pay lump-sum compensation to evacuees who can’t to go back to home

A government panel to settle disputes over nuclear accident compensation is set to provide damages in lump-sum payments to residents who can’t to go back their home over a long period due to the nuclear crisis.

The Dispute Reconciliation Committee for Nuclear Damage Compensation made the decision after the government abandoned the goal to return all residents home in areas affected by radiation.

The committee will pay damages for mental anguish to residents of areas that are likely to remain uninhabitable for a long period.

The panel will work out standards for calculating the amounts of compensation based on damages that it has been paying to those who will unlikely be allowed to return home in the foreseeable future — 100,000 yen a month. The panel released a rough estimate at a Nov. 22 meeting that if an evacuation order continues for seven years in an area badly contaminated with radioactive substances, each resident will get 9.6 million yen as eight years worth of compensation, including a one-year period following the lifting of the order..
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Fukushima residents who can’t return home to receive lump-sum compensation (Mainichi Newspaper)

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