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» Rearranging of all evacuation zones was completed in Fukushima

The Japanese government completed the realignment of all evacuation zone by rezoning an evacuation area in Kawamata town into two on Aug. 8.

The “planned evacuation zone” in the Yamakiya district of Kawamata was regrouped into an “area preparing for the lifting of evacuation orders” and a “residency restriction zone” as of Aug. 8 at midnight. The Yamakiya district’s evacuation area was the last to be regrouped among all nuclear evacuation zones in 11 municipalities in the prefecture.

With the completion of the realignment, a total of some 84,000 residents in evacuation areas were regrouped into roughly 25,280 in “difficult-to-return areas,” about 24,620 in “residency restriction areas,” and some 34,000 in “areas preparing for the lifting of evacuation orders.”

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