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» Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act Q & A

The Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act (Official name: Act Concerning the Promotion of Measures to Provide Living Support to the Victims, including the Children, who were Affected by the TEPCO Nuclear Accident in Order to Protect and Support their Lives) was established at the National Diet on June 21, 2012.

Q1: Why is this act necessary?

Q2: What are the main points of this act?

Q3: Is the exemption of medical cost limited to only children and pregnant women?

Q4: What will happen to medical costs after children grow up?

Q5: To receive the exemption of health care costs, do victims have to prove a causal relationship between radiation exposure and disease?

Q6: Where is the “Support Target Area”?

Q7: Which ministry will be responsible for this Act?

Q8: The concept of the Act is wonderful, but will it be really implemented?

Q9: What is the involvement of citizens’ groups?

Written by Kanna Mitsuta/FoE Japan
Translated by the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)


Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act



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