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Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act (Official name: Act concerning the promotion of measures to provide living support to the Victims, including the children who were affected by the TEPCO Nuclear Accident in order to protect and support their lives) was established at the national diet on June 21st 2012. The aim of the act is to provide urgent assistance to both those who have been displaced and who stay in Fukushima as well as to prepare for other nuclear plant accidents that may occur in Japan.

It is a ground-breaking act made by nonpartisan lawmakers in terms of recognizing the right to evacuate from the affected area. The broad support of the victims of the nuclear accident is mentioned in the Act, such as prevention of effects on people’s health, especially on children (including fetal), health check-up and reduction of medical costs.

However, this is a so-called “Program Act” which specifies only the principles and framework. The concrete implementation methods are not included. The government has to make the “basic policy” including a range of Support Target Area and the assistance plan for the victims, but has not yet created it as of March 2013. A definition of the target area is not mentioned and it is still unclear as to who in Japan can be
supported by this Act.

Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act【full text】(Translated by Citizen Conference to Promote Our Act)
Nuclear Disaster Victims’ Support Act Q & A (by Kanna Mitsuda, FoE Japan)

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