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The Compensation issues for the people who were damaged by the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) will vary greatly on which categories they are come under. Because of the issue of the compensation and indemnification, the situation of Fukushima and the other two affected prefecture (Iwate and Miyagi) are very different. Many residents mentioned that when they tried to stand by themselves and start the work of recovery and reconstruction, the amount of compensation would decrease. Moreover, once the evacuation order was lifted, the compensation to all original residents of the area would be affected. In principle, TEPCO correspond the negotiation of compensation individually, and neighbors who earn different amount rarely get to know how much others are receiving. Because of above mentioned reasons, we cannot know more than the indicators shown by TEPCO. The dilemma for the victims is that they have to ask TEPCO, the very same company which caused this huge damage, how to fill up the thick and complicated application form to receive compensation. It is a long, painful procedure to get compensation.

Flowchart of Damage Compensation by TEPCO (PDF 18.8 KB)
Compensation and Example of Request by a family by TEPCO (PDF 34.1KB)

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