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Fukushima gov’t issue travel coupons for tourist staying at Fukushima

The Fukushima Prefectural Government will issue travel coupons next fiscal year for tourists staying at accomm
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[Survey] 27% of voters in Fukushima want immediate abolition of nuclear power

Twenty-seven percent of voters in Fukushima Prefecture, home to the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, wa
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Former vice principal encouraging his former students by blogging in Fukushima

The former vice principal of a junior high school in Fukushima Prefecture has been encouraging his former stud
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Suicide-prevention hotline in Fukushima received a record calls in 2013

A suicide-prevention hotline in Fukushima Prefecture received a record 18,194 calls in 2013, signaling that sc
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It would take 2days to evacuate if another radioactive leak happens in Fukushima

It would take two days, nearly 50 hours, to evacuate over half a million residents in the event of another mas
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Post-disaster death affects elderly in Fukushima

The number of post-disaster deaths related to the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and the ensuing Fukushi
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Deeped feeling of isolation in disaster affected areas three years after disaster

A follow-up survey conducted by Mainich News paper of evacuees from the Great East Japan Earthquake disasters
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NGOs protest Gov’s risk communication measures on radiation exposure

On Feb 18th, 11 ministries in the government including Reconstruction Agency had released a package of state m
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Many foreigners relocated after the nuclear disaster in 2011

Many foreign nationals living in Fukushima Prefecture at the time of the March 2011 nuclear crisis say they re
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Cabinet approves new policy for rebuilding Fukushima

The Abe administration aired new policy guideline for rebuilding Fukushima Prefecture on Dec.20, which has mor
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Fukushima kids continue to show high obesity rates due to restriction of outdoor activities

Children from Fukushima Prefecture continue to show high obesity rates due to the impact of the nuclear plant
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High school in Minamisouma closing down due to nuclear disaster

A private high school in Fukushima Prefecture is closing down at the end of March, due to the problems attract
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Fukushima people angry over state secrets protection bill

Fukushima residents are very angry over passing of a highly controversial state secrets protection bill throug
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The incumbent mayers were defeated in Fukushima again

The incumbent mayors in Nihonmatsu city and Hirono town in Fukushima Prefecture lost their re-election bids on
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Incumbent mayor was defeated in Fukushima city

The Incumbent mayor was defeated in Fukushima city, where residents and evacuees have expressed increased frus
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Lawsuit against the government for not implementing Nuclear Victims Support Act

A group of the residents in Fukushima prefecture and evacuees who have left the prefecture is under the prepar
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Former prime minister Kan denies his criminal liability to the nuclear disaster

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who led the government’s response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in
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The residents in Fukushima want politicians to face the reality as official election campaign

Voters in Fukushima Prefecture urged politicians to face the reality of the crisis as official campaigning for
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Radiation exposure of 16,000 people miscalculated in Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences said on June 25th that they wrongly e
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Calling for another decontamination in Fukushima prefecture

Some municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture are increasingly calling for a second round of decontamination wor
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Fukushima residents question about thyroid cancer screenings

Although Fukushima prefectural government is conducting thyroid cancer screening to its children, the parents
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The report from IAEA has gap between the feeling of Fukushima residents

An IAEA expert team on 22 April 2013 completed an initial review of Japan’s efforts to plan and implemen
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