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Plaintiffs suing over Fukushima nuclear disaster form nationwide network

13 groups of plaintiffs suing over Fukushima nuclear disaster formed a network called “Hidanren” a
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530 Minamisoma residents sue government over hot spot delisting

Some 530 residents of a city near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant filed a lawsuit on April 17th demanding th
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4 workers involved in decommissioning process sue for skimming off their danger allowance

Four workers involved in the decommissioning process at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant plan
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Shareholders filed a lawsuit for disclosure of testimony by the former plant manager

Shareholders of TEPCO filed a lawsuit Aug. 20 for disclosure of testimony about the 2011 nuclear disaster give
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Independent judical panel said TEPCO exectives should be indicted over the Fukushima disaster

Rejecting a decision by prosecutors, an independent judicial panel of citizens said July 31 that three former
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District court is due to rule whether TEPCO is responslibe for a suicide case in Fukushima

The Fukushima District Court is due to rule next month on a claim that TEPCO is responsible for a woman’s suic
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The owner of Oi nuclear palnt appealed ruling against the restart of reactors

Kansai Electric Power Co., the owner of Oi nuclear power plant, has appealed a district court ruling against t
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[Mainichi Newspaper] Voices after the ruling regarding the restart of Oi nuclear power plant

  The Fukui District Court’s decision that ruled against restarting the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors at
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Osaka High court turned down a lawsuit seeking to suspend Oi nuclear power plant

The Osaka High Court turned down a lawsuit seeking to suspend the planned resumption of two reactors at the Oi
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A worker at Fukushima No.1 sued TEPCO for exposing high level of radiation

A worker at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant who was exposed to high levels of radiation in the early d
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US sailors filed a new class action lawsuit against TEPCO

79 American veterans of 2011’s earthquake/tsunami relief Operation Tomadachi have filed a new $1 billion class
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1,400 people files lawsuit against nuclear plant makers

1,400 people filed a group action lawsuit Jan. 30 against the manufacturers of the reactors at the Fukushima N
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TEPCO is investigated over refusal to accept non-biding out-of-court settlement proposals

  The Fukushima Bar Association (FBA) has begun investigating TEPCO’s refusal to accept non-binding
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Hakodate city file lawsuit to stop nuclear plant construction

The mayor of Hakodate city in Hokkaido said its municipal government plans to file a lawsuit around March agai
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More than 800 joined a lawsuit demanding the shut down of Oi nuclear power plant

More than 800 people joined a lawsuit on Dec 3rd filed last year by 1,100 plaintiffs from 17 prefectures deman
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Temporary workers’ union seeking redress for TEPCO refusing discussion on exploitative treatment

A temporary workers’ union is seeking redress from the Tokyo Labor Relations Commission, saying Tokyo El
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Fukushima survivors showed anger and disappointment about no prosecution to officials

On Sep 9th, victims of Fukushima nuclear accident expressed disappointment and anger at the announcement that
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TEPCO filed a criminal complaint over water leakage

Three people on Sep 3rd filed a criminal complaint against TEPCO and 32 of its current and former executives w
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74 Fukushima evacuees sue TEPCO and Government in Western Japan

Residents of Fukushima Prefecture and other areas who evacuated after the accident of Fukushima No. 1 plant ar
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Lawsuit against the government for not implementing Nuclear Victims Support Act

A group of the residents in Fukushima prefecture and evacuees who have left the prefecture is under the prepar
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Former prime minister Kan denies his criminal liability to the nuclear disaster

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who led the government’s response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in
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TEPCO seeks the dismissal of lawsuit by US army

Tokyo Electric Power Co sought on June 21st that the dismissal of a lawsuit in which some 50 plaintiffs are se
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Victims of the nuclear disaster filed lawsuit against the central government and TEPCO

1650 people filed lawsuits against the central government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. on March 11th 2013, the
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Victim support package announced, but the contents are very limited

In March 15th, Reconstruction Agency announced the comprehensive measures promoting to support  for those who
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Filipina wife files lawsuit against TEPCO over the suicide death of her husband

The family of a dairy farmer who killed himself after the Fukushiima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster plan
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