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Evacuation order lifted for town of Naraha but few returning home

The evacuation order has been lifted for the town of Naraha in Fukushima prefecture on Sep.5, allowing 7,400 r
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Gov’t to delay lifting of evacuation order for Naraha town to Sept.

The government said Monday it now plans to lift its evacuation order for the town of Naraha in Fukushima Prefe
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Gov’t to raise maximum annual radiation exposure for people who will guide evacuation of the residents

The government will raise the maximum permissible radiation dose for people including local government officia
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Government to lift evacuation order to town of Naraha by mid-August

On June 17th, the government  proposed lifting evacuation order to entire town of Naraha in Fukushima prefectu
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Fukushima pref. to end housing aid for voluntary evacuees by March 2017

The Fukushima prefecture government announced on June 15th that  it will stop providing free housing for volun
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NRA more focus on low-exposure victims at the time of disaster

The Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) has decided to shift Japan’s radiation treatment strategy in the
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JR East start a bus through exclusion zone around Fukushima No.1

  East Japan Railway Co. said it will start a bus service through the effective exclusion zone around Tok
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Govn’t plans to lift evacuation recommendations in Minamisouma city

The central government plans to lift evacuation recommendations in this city on Dec. 28 for areas of high loca
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More than 340 people filed a lawsuit against TEPCO demanding around ¥6 billion in compensation

More than 340 people forced to evacuate by the atomic meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 plant in 2011 filed a l
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3700 people has not exercised the right of claiming compensation

Some 3,700 of those forced to flee during the Fukushima nuclear crisis in March 2011 have yet to exercise thei
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Reconstruction assistants help the revitalize local community

On Oct. 18, reconstruction assistant Makie Tomikawa, 55, finished visiting 103 households spread across Japan,
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Ministry withholding minutes from meetins regarding nuclear dispute cases

The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry is withholding minutes from meetings held by t
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TEPCO demanding 21 years old woman repay compensation

TEPCO has demanded that a 21-year-old woman repay roughly 9 million yen of the 16 million yen in compensation
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Former vice principal encouraging his former students by blogging in Fukushima

The former vice principal of a junior high school in Fukushima Prefecture has been encouraging his former stud
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NRA decided to scrap SPEEDI

Japan’s nuclear watchdog has decided to scrap a warning system to alert residents to evacuate in an emer
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Not enough vehicles to move residents safety at nuclear diaster

The gargantuan task of moving residents in a nuclear crisis will fall on chartered buses, according to the loc
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Still more than 10,000 students studying outside of their community

Thousands of students who evacuated following the nuclear disaster triggered by the 2011 earthquake and tsunam
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Iwaki peopel feel sympathy and jealous toward nuclear evacuees

IWAKI, Fukushima Prefecture–The majority of residents in this city, which has taken in a large outpourin
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Gov’t preparing nuclear evacuation shelter on an island near nuclear plant

The national government is preparing a temporary nuclear evacuation shelter on an island offshore of this town
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Gov’t body reduce compensation to families of those who died after nuclear disaster

The government-backed body that handles the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for the Fukushima nuclear dis
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17,000 opinions against Sendai nuclear plant submitted to NRA

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said it has received some 17,000 comments and opinions from the pub
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Evacuation order for Kawauchi village will be lifted despite residents protest

An evacuation order for the eastern part of this village that has been in place since the Fukushima nuclear di
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First public housing for Fukushima nuclear evacuees will not be ready by 2015

About 40 percent of the first batch of public housing for people displaced by the Fukushima nuclear disaster w
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Only 13 percent of municipalities are supposed to accept evacuees by nuclear disaster

Only 13 percent of municipalities around Japan that are supposed to accept evacuees in the event of a nuclear
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Serious accident at Tokai nuclear plant might affect 960,000 people within 30km

A serious nuclear accident at the Tokai No. 2 Power Station in Ibaraki Prefecture could result in about 520,00
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Saitama did not know 2400 people taking shelter from Fukushima

The Saitama Prefectural government was unaware of about 2,400 people taking shelter in the region after evacua
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Gov’t dispute resolution proposed smaller compensasion by ignoring the opinions of victim’s doctors

The government alternative dispute resolution (ADR) center tasked with managing compensation claims against To
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EX-mayor of Tomioka town has passed away

Katsuya Endo, the former mayor of Tomioka in Fukushima prefecture who was forced to evacuate the town along wi
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Evacuees of Fukushima nuclear disaster against the decision of the restart of nuclear plant

Residents evacuated because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster were aghast at the decision that would allow rea
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Installing security cameras to catch thieves in the evacuation zone

Authorities in Fukushima Prefecture are installing security cameras to deter and catch unscrupulous thieves ta
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Nursing care facilities and hospital have yet to establish evacuation plan

  Many nursing care facilities and hospitals located within Japan’s nuclear power plant evacuation
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Lifting evacuation order for Kawauchi village was postponed due to oppotions by the residents

The government no longer plans to lift evacuation orders on July 26 for village of Kawauchi, whose citizens we
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Evacuees from Fukushima traveled 273 km on average to move to different shelters

Evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear disaster moved to different shelters an average of four times and traveled
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District court is due to rule whether TEPCO is responslibe for a suicide case in Fukushima

The Fukushima District Court is due to rule next month on a claim that TEPCO is responsible for a woman’s suic
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Gov’t planning to lift the evacuatino order at Kawauchi village inspite of residents’ opposition

The government is planning to lift an evacuation order on part of a village within a 20-kilometer radius from
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Out-of-court center for disputes used a lower-than-standard compensation base for those who died during evacuation

An out-of-court center for disputes about compensation to victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster used a low
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Poor evacuation procedures is additional hurdle in securing nuclear safety

Keen to restart nuclear power plants three years after the Fukushima disaster, authorities may face an additio
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Supporters are being sought to sit in the court proceedings for the “Supporo Lawsuit”

Supporters are being sought to sit in on court proceedings for the “Sapporo lawsuit” brought again
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TEPCO rejected requests for additional compasation from Namie residents

TEPCO has rejected requests for additional compensation from residents forced to evacuate because of the nucle
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Evacuees can return home by 2021 according to Gov estimation

Evacuees can return home in the hardest-hit areas around the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant by 2021, a
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Gov’t may relax the requirements to convert agricultural land near Fukushima No.1

The government is looking to relax the requirements to convert agricultural land in areas near the Fukushima N
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Gov adjust decontamination near Fukushia No.1 by changing how to select land to scrub

The government will adjust decontamination operations near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant by changing how i
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Radiation levels remain high even after decontamination at hot zone

Radiation levels in many areas of Fukushima Prefecture designated as zones where it is difficult for residents
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Building a town for decommissioning as a part of reconstruction plans

The government’s reconstruction plans for Fukushima Prefecture include creating a town for 5,000 people tasked
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Trains resumed operation in the hot zone

Trains resumed operation on June 1st on part of the Joban Line in Fukushima Prefecture, marking the first runs
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A survey shows a majority of evacuees living in Tokyo suffering from PTSD

A survey of Fukushima residents who evacuated to the Tokyo area following the March 2011 nuclear disaster foun
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Only 27 evacuees return to Miyakoji in Tamura city

Only 27 evacuees from the Miyakoji district in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, have returned to thei
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It would take 2days to evacuate if another radioactive leak happens in Fukushima

It would take two days, nearly 50 hours, to evacuate over half a million residents in the event of another mas
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Half of Fukushima evacuees living separately

According to a survey,Fukushima Prefecture households that remain evacuated has found nearly half of the house
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20 km of evacuation zone will be allowed to stay overnight

Residents of an evacuation zone within 20 kilometers of the disaster-struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant ar
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Many residents are relactant to go back homes after the evacuation order lifted

One week after the evacuation order is lifted for an eastern strip of Tamura’s Miyakoji district, few ho
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Two market places opend within 20km exclusion zone

Two makeshift stores opened in Tamura’s Miyakoji district on April 6th, whoes evacuation order was lifted on A
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[Mainichi Newspaper] A story of child PTSD by Fukushima nuclear disaster

A story written in Mainichi Newspaper on the issue of Disaster Psychiatric Assistance Teams (DPATs) was one 44
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Area within 20km radius of Fukushima No.1 is allowed to live for the first time

The government on April 1st scaled down areas subject to evacuation orders since 3.11 disaster. The Miyakoji d
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Sense of unfairness over different compensation split commities in Fukushima

A sense of unfairness is spreading among Fukushima Prefecture residents over different amounts of compensation
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Timing of lifting of an evacuation advisory will be postponed in Iitate and Katsurao

The government decided to postpone the estimated timing of lifting of an evacuation advisory by one year — unt
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Miyakoji residents showed mixed feelings toward full open of no-go zone

Residents attending a briefing on a government decision to lift an evacuation order in Miyakoji district showe
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Evacuation advisory will be lifted in April 1st at no-go zone for the first time

An evacuation advisory issued after the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant meltdowns in March 2011 will likely be l
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Many foreigners relocated after the nuclear disaster in 2011

Many foreign nationals living in Fukushima Prefecture at the time of the March 2011 nuclear crisis say they re
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Village mayor of former evacuation zone plea calling on younger generation to return

Two years have passed since Mayor Yuko Endo of Kawauchi village, the highland farming village, which was decla
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Evacuees may get an additional 2.5-6.5 million yen as lump sum compensation

Evacuees unable to return to their homes in radioactive areas near Fukushima Daiichi power plant may get an ad
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METI plans to provide financial assistance to build commercial facilities near Fukushima No.1

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to provide financial assistance to municipalities near the F
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Government settles to pay lump-sum compensation to evacuees who can’t to go back to home

A government panel to settle disputes over nuclear accident compensation is set to provide damages in lump-sum
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NRA recommends evacuees to wear dosimeters once they return home

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has recommended that people who evacuated after the Fukushima nuclear disaste
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Plan for evacuees split in the government

People forced to flee the radiation in Fukushima Prefecture who probably never will be able to return home may
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Decontamination in the evacuation zone is delaying

Decontamination work in some of the most contaminated towns around Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant is delay
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13 municipalities submit criticism to Reconstruction Agency for “Act on the Protection and Support for the Children and other Victims”

At least 13 municipalities in Chiba, Ibaraki and Tochigi prefectures have sent critical comments to the Recons
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Delay of decontamination work affects to the life of evacuees

The Ministry of the Environment announced Sept. 10 that the decontamination work of seven municipalities in Fu
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Death caused by the stress of nuclear disaster increasing in Fukushima

According to the research by Mainichi newspaper, the number of deaths in Fukushima Prefecture caused mainly by
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Gov.agency kept secret the contents of meeting on Nuclear Disaster Support Law

According to the investigation by Mainichi newspaper, it was revealed that inter-agency meetings on the extent
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Finally the government agency proposed the basic policy of the Victims Protection Act

On Aug 30th, the central government has finalized its basic policy of the Victims Protection Act which was ena
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74 Fukushima evacuees sue TEPCO and Government in Western Japan

Residents of Fukushima Prefecture and other areas who evacuated after the accident of Fukushima No. 1 plant ar
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Lawsuit against the government for not implementing Nuclear Victims Support Act

A group of the residents in Fukushima prefecture and evacuees who have left the prefecture is under the prepar
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Rearranging of all evacuation zones was completed in Fukushima

The Japanese government completed the realignment of all evacuation zone by rezoning an evacuation area in Kaw
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Support ACT was secretly put off til after the election

The fact that the Reconstruction Agency secretly agreed with other government agencies to put pff assistance t
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Long stay program started at Miyakoji, though not many return

The long term stay program has started since August 1st 2013 at the evacuation zone in Tamura city. At Miyakoj
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Preparatory stay will be permitted in Tamura city from August

The nuclear disaster site response headquarters announced on July 26 that it will allow stays of at least thre
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Namie town files compensation on behalf of the residents

Town Mayor Tamotsu Baba and lawyers representing 11,602 people filed the claim on May 29th, at the Nuclear Dam
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Last no-go zone reorganized in Fukushima

More than 26 months after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant triggered by the March 201
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The demand to evacuate children was rejected

The lawsuit to request evacuation for children living in Fukushima prefecture was rejected by the Sendai High
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The lawsuit from 14 Fukushima children is expected to rule soon

A Japanese appeals court is expected to rule soon on this unusual lawsuit, filed on behalf of the children by
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Access to Namie open up from April 1st

Namie town, designated as one of the evacuation zones, has been rearranged into three evacuation zones based o
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Victims of the nuclear disaster filed lawsuit against the central government and TEPCO

1650 people filed lawsuits against the central government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. on March 11th 2013, the
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Victim support package announced, but the contents are very limited

In March 15th, Reconstruction Agency announced the comprehensive measures promoting to support  for those who
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2 years passed, still more than 150,000 Fukushima residents are displaced

Though 2 years has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear accident of Fukushima Daiichi
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Cross Party Diet Members’ Alliance established for promotion of the Nuclear Accident Child Victims’ Law

On 22nd January, a cross party diet member’s alliance was established to promote The Nuclear Accident Child Vi
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The result of the questionnaire answered by the evacuees from Fukushima

Yamagata preternatural government conducted the survey on the situation of the evacuees from Fukushima who are
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