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» Fukushima pref. will expand the target for covering the costs for thyroid treatment

Fukushima prefecture will cover the all the medical costs for the patients who are diagnosed or suspected as thyroid cancer as a result of Fukushima health management survey. In the prefectural assembly on the June 23rd, Mr.Junichi Suzuki,the head of the health and welfare department of Fukushima pref. answered to a question from a member of the assembly.

Thyroid ultrasound examination has been conducted as a part of Fukushima health management survey for all the residents in the prefecture aged 0 to 18 years at the time of the nuclear accident. In Fukushima prefecture, residents who are 18 years old or younger can get free medical treatment.  This time. the prefecture will extend the medical cost coverage to the people who exceeds 18 years old at the time of starting treatment and those who moved to the other prefecture.

According to the Fukushima prefecture, the number of the people who are diagnosed as needing treatment and follow-up is 1,694 (as of March 31). Among them, the target people whose medical treatment costs will be covered by the public this time will be about 970. The prefecture will use the subsidy from the government for covering the total costs estimated as 60 million yen.

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Fukushima pref. will cover all the medical costs for thyroid treatment for the then 18 years old and younger at the time of the nuclear accident – including over 19 years old and those who moved to the other prefecture (Fukushima Minyu) *Japanese Only



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