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» Former PM Koizumi annoying LDP as calling to abandon nucler power immediately

Sudden anti-nuclear appeal by former PM Koizumi is creating a stir; the ruling party is getting increasingly annoyed, the electric power industry is worried, and opposition parties see an opportunity,

Koizumi, 71, launched his latest salvo, an hourlong anti-nuclear speech Nov. 12, at a packed Japan National Press Club in Tokyo.

Koizumi said that Abe can wield his authority for a “grand project” to phase out nuclear energy and pursue renewable energy sources.

Koizumi also said that most parties and many LDP lawmakers actually oppose the Abe administration’s push to restart nuclear reactors.

“The LDP is the only party objecting (to a break with nuclear power generation), but I believe that half of its politicians are opposed (to the party policy line) in their heart,” he said.

Anti-nuclear calls in Japan have faded since large demonstrations were held around the country following the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Koizumi has rekindled interest in the anti-nuclear movement, and opposition parties see him as a chance to chip away at the public support of the ruling coalition, which controls both chambers of the Diet.

“We have something in common (with Koizumi),” said Kazuo Shii, leader of the Japanese Communist Party.

But with Koizumi showing no commitment to return to politics, the opposition parties cannot use the former prime minister to galvanize their forces.
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Still the maverick, anti-nuclear Koizumi baffles LDP leaders, utilities(Asahi Newspaper)

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