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Japanese NGOs in the field of international cooperation, that started their activities in 1970s to 1980s, had left some results in the relief activities for the natural disasters mainly in overseas. Though most of the NGOs had limited their filed for relief operations to their working area abroad, many of them rushed to Tohoku region and started relief operation when the East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami disaster happened.

In the case of Fukushima, some western NGOs were not able to even step into the area because US government had issued the evacuation order from the area within 80km radius of Fukushima Daiichi Plant and the international standards for radiation hindered the entrance of those organizations. Therefore, the NGOs/NPOs which came to Fukushima for relief work from outside were much less than those working in the other two affected prefectures (Miyagi and Iwate).

Number_of_NGOsNumber of NGOs for International Cooperation working in 3 affected prefecture as of June 2011 (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation)

Community Disaster FM Studio supported by JVS

Shapla Neer and Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) were among those NGOs which started operation in Fukushima just after the disaster. Shapla Neer is working in Iwaki city, and JVC is in Minami-Souma city. They are implementing unique activities by building up trustful relationship with other stakeholders in each local area.

NGOs for Environment field, such as Green Peace, FoE Japan and Green Action has been active in the field of research and advocacy.
Interaction space for people   evacuated from NPP surrounding area to Iwaki  City, operated by Shapla Neer

The list of International Cooperation NGOs working in Fukushima prefecture




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