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Fukushima Beacon for Global Citizens Network (FUKUDEN) is a non-profit, non-partisan NGO which was established in February 2014 and registered as a legal entity in June 2014.

FUKUDEN’s vision is to realize a sustainable and distributed society where human life and natural environment are protected, learning from lessons of Fukushima which has experienced the nuclear disaster.

In order to realize this vision, it has following missions;

•     To record and analyze the various phenomena that is caused by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and disseminates the information to the world

•     To promote networking among citizens of Fukushima, the rest of Japan and the world to share the lessons of Fukushima and to promote activities derived from the learning from the nuclear disaster.

Especially, building network with citizens in Asian countries with nuclear power plant(s) or with a plan to build nuclear power plant is our priority to connect them with citizens of Fukushima.

From the year 2014 to 2015, FUKUDEN  serves as one of the secretariat organization of Japan CSO Coalition for 2015 WCDRR (JCC2015), which is a network of CSOs working towards the 3rd UN World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction, to be held in Sendai in 2015.

FUKUDEN’s activities are funded by Church World Service (CWS), UMCOR and Direct Relief International (DRI) through the partnership with Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation(JANIC).


Relationship between JANIC and FUKUDEN

JANIC established its Fukushima office and started relief activities in Fukushima in May 2011, after the nuclear disaster triggered by the massive earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku region on March 11th, 2011. After its 3 years relief and rehabilitation activities in Tohoku region, JANIC decided to close its direct operation in Fukushima by March 2014 and moves to the partnership operation with FUKUDEN, a newly established local organization spun off from JANIC.

FUKUDEN was established as a local organization in Fukushima by two key members of JANIC Fukushima office. It has taken over the main activities of JANIC in Fukushima after April 2014 with support of JANIC.










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