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» Kaidomari: Uncanny Terrain week 2

Hiruta has spent decades recruiting farmers from across Japan to join him in the tiny agricultural community of Kaidomari, nestled among tall pines in the mountains on the edge of Iwaki in Fukushima. But since the nuclear disaster, especially the younger farmers are fleeing.
Saturday is the 3-month anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It’s also the last day of the IndieGoGo.com funding campaign for our documentary Uncanny Terrain, about the impact of the nuclear crisis on organic farmers and the food supply. There are no simple answers here, but there are rich human stories, and a valuable discourse for all of us about how we feed ourselves and power our lives, how we relate to the land and tradition and deal with change. We’re with the farmers of Fukushima through their October harvest, but we need your help to tell this story. Please share the link http://uncannyterrain.com and contribute if you can.




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