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» [Study] Lifetime cancer risk rise among 1-year-old girls in Fukushima

The lifetime risk of developing cancer has risen slightly among 1-year-old girls in an area affected by the nuclear crisis, according to a study published online in a U.S. science journal on Feb 24th.

The assessment was based on a two-month study by Japanese researchers conducted about a year and a half after the March 2011 nuclear disaster. The study checked the radiation exposure of around 460 residents living near the plant in northeastern Japan.

Health risk assessment indicates that post-2012 doses will increase the lifetime solid cancer incidence rate among 1-year-old girls by 1.06 percentage points in the Tamano area of Soma city in Fukushima Prefecture, from the average rate of 31.76 percent.
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Study finds rise in lifetime cancer risk among Fukushima 1-year-old girls (Japan Times)

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