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» NGOs protest Gov’s risk communication measures on radiation exposure

On Feb 18th, 11 ministries in the government including Reconstruction Agency had released a package of state measures regarding the radiation risk communication for returning to evacuation zones.

“package of state measures regarding the radiation risk communication” (Japanese Only)

Some NGOs in Japan are questioning about this new measures because the” government is trying to promote the returning of evacuation zone by removing the fear of radiation and rebuild “Safty Myth” once again.

They claim that the government should not push the residents to take the risk of radiation exposure and must provide ample assistance to both who are continuaouly evacuating, and decided to return based on the Nuclear Disaster Victimes Support Act.

A NGO, Friend of Earth Japan has issued their urgent statement against the risk communciation measure by Reconstruction Agency.

http://www.foejapan.org/energy/news/140219.html (Japanese only)

<Media Report>

Gov making booklets on radiation risk to share information with residents (Sankei Newspaper, Japanese Only)

Reconstruction agency provides booklets for removing worry on health (Mainichi Newspaper, Japanese Only)


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