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» Decontamination in the evacuation zone is delaying

Decontamination work in some of the most contaminated towns around Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant is delaying so much and the residents will have to wait a few more years before returning,according officials from the Ministry of Environment.

Environment Ministry officials said they are revising the cleanup schedule for six of 11 municipalities in an exclusion zone from which residents were evacuated after the nuclear disaster. The original plan called for completing all decontamination by next March.

Mr.Shigeyoshi Sato, an Environment Ministry official in charge of decontamination said “We would have to extend the cleanup process, by one year, two years or three years, we haven’t exactly decided yet.”

One of the reasons of delay is a lack of space to store the waste that comes out of the decontamination process. Some residents have opposed dumping the waste in their neighborhoods.

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