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» 5 trillion yen needs for decontamination in Fukushima

The cost for decontamination and storage of radioactive materials in Fukushima Prefecture will be up to 5.13 trillion yen, far more than the just over 1 trillion yen the government has so far allocated, a study group at a national institute said Tuesday.

The group at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology said, “By presenting rough estimates by area and stage of work as well as the sum, we hope it will serve as a basis for discussions on how to go about decontamination.”

If the radiation exposure doses from the nuclear disaster are to be reduced to less than 1 millisievert per year, work in specially designated areas where the government is directly involved in decontamination is estimated to cost up to 2.03 trillion yen, while work to decontaminate other areas in the prefecture is presumed to cost up to 3.1 trillion yen — totaling 5.13 trillion yen, according to NIAI’ calculations.

By breakdown, 2.68 trillion yen is projected to be necessary for decontamination work, 1.23 trillion yen for storing contaminated soil and other waste generated from decontamination work at interim storage facilities for 30 years, and 890 billion yen for keeping radioactive waste at temporary storage sites.

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