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» TEPCO rejected requests for additional compasation from Namie residents

TEPCO has rejected requests for additional compensation from residents forced to evacuate because of the nuclear disaster,according to Asahi Newspaper.

Prompted by a request from 15,000 residents of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, or more than 70 percent of the town’s population, the central government’s nuclear damage claim dispute resolution center in March issued a proposed settlement calling for TEPCO to pay an additional 50,000 yen ($492) per month to each town evacuee.

In the proposed settlement, accepted by the town residents, the mediation center also asked TEPCO to pay an additional 30,000 yen per month to those aged 75 or older.

But TEPCO rejected the proposal for an across-the-board 50,000-yen payment and said it would offer an additional 20,000 yen a month only to residents 75 years or older who have suffered injuries or illnesses, in letters sent to the town and the dispute resolution center on June 25.


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TEPCO ‘breaks vow,’ refuses more compensation for Fukushima nuclear victims (Asahi Newspaper)

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