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» Filipina wife files lawsuit against TEPCO over the suicide death of her husband

The family of a dairy farmer who killed himself after the Fukushiima
Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster plan to file a lawsuit against
Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) for causing his suicide.
They will demand about 110 million yen ($1.2 million) as a compensation.

Vanessa, a 34-year-old Filipino national and wife of Shigekiyo Kanno,
54 at the time, claims that her husband killed himself because he was
no longer able to run his dairy farm due to the nuclear disaster.

Shigekiyo was found hanged in  his farm in June 2011, three months
after the Great East Japan Earthquake. There was his last will written
on the wall of the compost shed ,“If only there hadn’t been a nuclear
power plant.”

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