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» NRA accepted a report that the fault under Tsuruga reactor is active

The Nuclear Regulation Authority accepted  a report that says a reactor at Japan Atomic Power Co.’s Tsuruga nuclear plant on the Sea of Japan coast sits right above an active geological fault, a move that may force the operator to permanently shut down the unit.

The report, compiled by a panel of experts, said at least one of the faults running under the No. 2 reactor, including one called “D-1,” could move in the future.

Despite the move, Japan Atomic Power is expected to apply for the regulator’s safety screening to restart the unit in Fukui Prefecture.

But the assessment is unlikely to be overturned unless the operator submits enough new data. The regulatory body’s chairman, Shunichi Tanaka, said it will refer to the experts’ report as “one of the important findings” in safety screening.

In quake-prone Japan, building reactors or other important safety-requiring facilities directly above active faults is prohibited.

The regulator acknowledged in 2013 that “D-1” is an active fault. But it conducted an additional probe after Japan Atomic Power submitted more data in trying to have that evaluation overturned.

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Regulator acknowledges fault under Tsuruga reactor is active (Mainichi Newspaper)




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