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» Fukushima gov’t issue travel coupons for tourist staying at Fukushima

The Fukushima Prefectural Government will issue travel coupons next fiscal year for tourists staying at accommodations in the prefecture to support local tourist businesses that are still suffering from harmful rumors caused by the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.

The prefectural government’s plan is to sell travel coupons worth 10,000 yen for around 5,000 yen. It expects that some 190,000 people will use the coupons during the campaign period. Tourists will be able to purchase the coupons via travel sites or online devices set up at convenience stores, and then will be able to use them at accommodations that cost more than 10,000 yen a stay. One traveler is allowed to use up to one coupon per night.

To attract tourists throughout the year, the prefectural government plans to issue the coupons around three times during fiscal 2015. The coupons will not only target travelers coming to Fukushima Prefecture, but Fukushima residents will also be able to use them.

The number of inbound travelers to Fukushima totaled 57.18 million in 2010, the year before the 2011 triple disaster, but then dropped by some 40 percent to 35.21 million in 2011. The figure picked up to 48.31 million in 2013, but was still around 15 percent less than the figure in 2010.

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Fukushima Pref. to sell travel coupons at 50 percent discount (Mainichi Newspaper)

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