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» NRA gave ok to dump radioactive water after treatment

The NRA gave the green light to TEPCO’s plan to dump toxic groundwater pumped up at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex into the Pacific Ocean after removing almost all radioactive materials from it.

The plan is one of the measures aimed at curbing the amount of contaminated water building up at the seaside complex. But it remains uncertain when the operator may actually release the water.

Local fishermen have registered strong concerns that dumping the water will heighten consumer apprehension about marine pollution, and TEPCO has said it will not release the water unless it obtains consent from the locals.
According to TEPCO, the amount of radioactive water at the complex is believed to be increasing by some 350 tons every day as fresh, untainted groundwater is seeping into reactor buildings and mixing with toxic water generated in the process of cooling the reactors that suffered meltdowns in the 2011 nuclear disaster.

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Plan OK’d for dumping Fukushima’s water into ocean after treatment (Mainichi Newspaper)

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