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» Abe administration started a new subsidy system for restarting nuclear plants

The Abe administration has earmarked 1.5 billion yen ($12.75 million) for a new subsidy system designed to accelerate restarts of idled nuclear reactors and to convince residents that nuclear plants are safe.

The figure was included in the draft budget for fiscal 2015, which was finalized on Jan. 14.

The fiscal 2015 draft budget also includes 91.2 billion yen for an existing annual grant system that targets regions hosting nuclear power facilities. These subsidies are provided to local governments based on power production at each nuclear plant they host.

Under the new system, prefectural governments that host nuclear reactors will receive grant money when the reactors resume operations or are later stopped so that the negative impact on local economies can be alleviated.

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New subsidy system designed to expedite restarts of nuclear reactors (Asahi Newspaper)




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