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» Experts says faults under nuclear plant at Aomori is active

A panel advising Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said it cannot deny the possibility that key geological faults running under the premises of Tohoku Electric Power Co.’s nuclear power plant are active.

The move would not immediately force the utility to scrap the sole reactor at the Higashidori plant, located on the Pacific coast in northeastern Japan, as the faults do not run directly beneath the reactor, but suggests it may remain offline for quite a while until further safety measures are taken.

In compiling a new draft report on the assessment of geological faults at the plant, the panelists agreed that explanations and data submitted by Tohoku Electric are not sufficient to prove that two major faults under the plant, called F-9 and F-3, are not active.

The panel already acknowledged in May last year that the faults are likely to be active, but it has continued discussions after Tohoku Electric conducted an additional probe in an effort to have the view overturned.

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Experts say faults at Tohoku Electric atomic plant possibly active (Mainichi Newspaper)




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