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» First rice cultivated in Namie after 3.11

The first rice crops cultivated on an experimental basis at Namie town, near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant were used in dishes served at cafeterias of the Environment Ministry office complex on Nov. 19.

The rice was planted earlier this year in decontaminated paddies in the town of Namie near the nuclear plant. The crops were the first in the area since the nuclear accident unfolded in 2011.

All of the town’s residents are still living in evacuation because of high radiation levels around their homes.

Two tons of rice, including the Koshikihari brand, were offered to the cafeterias.

Each bag of rice had radioactivity levels under the detectable limit of 25 becquerels per kilogram.
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Fukushima rice cultivated in decontaminated fields served at Environment Ministry (Asahi Newspaper)

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