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» [Survey by Asahi Newspaper] Half of leaders of local gov’t near nuclear plants feels their convents are needed before resterting

Nearly half of all heads of prefectures and municipalities near nuclear power plants say plant operators should be required to obtain their consent before restarting reactors, according to an Asahi newspaper’s survey.

The figure reflects growing calls by local governments located within 30 kilometers of nuclear plants to have a greater say in whether such facilities are reactivated.

Among governors and mayors of the 155 prefectures and municipalities surveyed, 69, or 45 percent, said they believe plant operators must obtain consent not only from local governments hosting nuclear plants, but also prefectures and municipalities within a 30-km radius.

Among the 123 prefectures and municipalities that do not host nuclear power plants but are located within the radius, 66 governors and mayors, or 54 percent, said utilities should obtain such consent.

In contrast, among 32 leaders of prefectures and municipalities that host nuclear plants, only three, or 9 percent, said the operators should obtain consent from all municipalities within a 30-km radius. Twelve, or 38 percent, said utilities have to gain consent only from local governments hosting plants.

The survey covered governors of 21 prefectures and mayors of 134 municipalities located within the so-called Urgent Protective Action Planning Zone, a 30-km radius around 16 commercial nuclear plants across Japan, with the exception of the crippled Fukushima plant.

The respondents include leaders of 13 prefectures and 19 cities, towns and villages that host nuclear power plants. Leaders of all 155 local governments had answered the survey by the end of October.

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Survey: Nearly half of local government leaders want a say in restarting nuclear reactors (Asahi Newspaper)




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