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» Iran is considering an extension of nuclear talk


Ebrahim Rahimpour, Iran’s deputy minister of foreign affairs for Asia, Oceania and CIS, said Oct. 31 that Iran was considering an extension of the looming deadline for Tehran and six world powers to forge a deal on the country’s nuclear program.

Less than one month remains before the Nov. 24 deadline for Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States to reach a long-term agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

On Iran’s enrichment of uranium, a focal point of talks, Rahimpour stated that his country wanted to retain the right to peacefully use nuclear power. He questioned why Iran had to rely on other countries for fuel.

At the same time, he expressed a desire to conclude the negotiations.

“International society now faces many issues. We need to reach an agreement on negotiations as soon as possible, and I think Europe and the United States also desire that,” he said.


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Iran considering nuclear program talks extension: deputy foreign minister (Mainichi Newspaper)




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