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» Japan giving pressure to South Korea to remove the import ban on seafood from Eastern Japan

Japan hopes to boost international pressure on South Korea to remove its import ban on seafood produced in eight prefectures, including Fukushima, according to government officials.

The Japanese government will continue expressing its concern about South Korea’s import ban at meetings of the World Trade Organization, by saying that the South Korean measure runs counter to international trade rules.

In a meeting of the WTO committee on sanitary and phytosanitary measures starting  in Geneva, Japan will voice its concern about the import ban for the fourth time since October 2013. After the forthcoming session, Tokyo will underscore its concern each time the committee meets.

If South Korea maintains its current stance, Japan will consider taking the issue to the WTO dispute settlement process, the sources said.

South Korea said last month it would set up a special panel to examine whether Japanese seafood is safe. No progress has been reported to the Japanese side so far, according to an official in the Fisheries Agency.

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Japan to pressure South Korea at WTO meeting to lift ban on seafood from Fukushima, other prefectures (Japan Times)

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