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» Local city assemply approved the restart of Sendai Nuclear plant

A special 10-person panel for the city assembly here approved a request to restart the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in a vote on Oct. 20.

It was the first official decision in procedures to confirm local agreement for restarting the plant, which is located in the city. Satsumasendai Mayor Hideo Iwakiri said, “I highly praise the decision.”

The vote was made by eight members of the panel, excluding the head of the panel and one member who abstained. Six of the eight voted to approve the request, and two voted against. The panel turned down 10 requests to not reactivate the plant.

A majority of the city assembly supports reactivation, and it is almost certain that a full council will approve the request as well at an extraordinary session likely to be held on Oct. 28. Possibly within the same day the mayor is expected to agree to reactivation of the plant.

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Satsumasendai city assembly approves request to restart nuclear power plant (Mainichi Newspaper)




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