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» TEPCO started dismantling Fukushima reactor building’s cover

EPCO began preparatory work to dismantle the No. 1 reactor building’s cover  as a first step toward removing melted fuel.

The cover shrouding the building, damaged by a hydrogen explosion in the 2011 nuclear crisis, was installed following the accident to keep radioactive materials from dispersing.

TEPCO plans to finish removing the cover around March 2016. It will then aim to begin cleaning up the debris from the hydrogen explosion and removing spent fuel stored in a pool in the building by the end of March 2018.

TEPCO said the work of removing the melted fuel inside the reactor would begin in 2020 at the earliest, but said it has yet to gain a detailed grasp of the situation inside the reactor and consider the specifics of how the fuel is to be extracted.

TEPCO had initially sought to begin preparations to dismantle the building cover by last March, but the plan was delayed due to equipment failure. The plan was delayed again after local residents voiced concern that the company’s debris cleanup work at the Fukushima plant may have contaminated rice crops in nearby areas.

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Work begins toward dismantling building cover at Fukushima plant (Mainichi Newspaper)

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