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» Former Fukushima vice governor won the gubernatorial election

Former Fukushima Vice Gov. Masao Uchibori won the Fukushima gubernatorial election , the first since the 2011 nuclear disaster, defeating five other candidates.

Voter turnout stood at 45.85 percent, up 3.43 percentage points from the previous election in 2010 but the second lowest on record. The number of eligible voters was around 1.6 million.

Uchibori secured more than 490,000 votes or 68 percent with 99 percent of the ballots counted, defeating Yoshihiro Kumasaka, a 62-year-old former mayor of Miyako in Iwate Prefecture backed by the Japanese Communist party and the New Renaissance Party. Kumasaka garnered some 130,000 votes.

With the victory of Uchibori, who has declined to comment on whether reactors outside the prefecture should be reactivated, the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will continue procedures to restart the nation’s idled nuclear plants.

Uchibori ran nominally as an independent but was supported by the local chapters of the LDP and Komeito party as well as the opposition Democratic Party of Japan and the Social Democratic Party.

Although the number of candidates was a record high for the prefecture, all of them agreed that reactors in the prefecture should be decommissioned and pledged to reconstruct the region devastated by the March 2011 disaster and subsequent nuclear crisis.

While the other contenders opposed reactivating nuclear reactors in other parts of Japan, Uchibori refrained from expressing his view on the matter, apparently in deference to the central government which is pushing to restart them.

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Former vice governor wins Fukushima gubernatorial election (Mainichi Newspaper)




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