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» TEPCO unveiled newly installed equipment to remove radioactive substances

TEPCO has unveiled newly installed equipment to remove radioactive substances from highly contaminated water at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

Among the apparatuses released to the media on Oct. 16 was a high-performance version of the multi-nuclide removal system dubbed ALPS, as well as a device to remove strontium.

Storage tanks at the plant hold about 360,000 metric tons of contaminated water awaiting purification. Meanwhile, tainted water has been accumulating at the plant at the rate of 300 tons a day.

Together with the high-performance ALPS system, which is scheduled to come into operation shortly, plant equipment will be capable of processing at least 2,000 tons of contaminated water a day. However, concerns remain as existing ALPS equipment has been hit by a series of problems including depleted filters. Additionally, the method for dealing with processed water — which still contains radioactive tritium — has yet to be decided.

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TEPCO unveils new equipment for processing radioactive water at disaster-hit plant (Mainichi Newspaper)

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