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» Kyushu Electric submits detail plan for volcanic eruption

Kyushu Electric Power Co. has submitted more details on its safety measures for a volcanic eruption affecting its Sendai nuclear power plant.

The measures submitted on Oct. 8 are an extension of the utility’s application to restart two reactors at the plant in Satsuma-Sendai. The Nuclear Regulation Authority in September gave the operator permission to restart the plant based on new safety standards.

Anti-nuclear protesters have pointed to the risk of a volcano damaging the Sendai nuclear plant in light of the Sept. 27 eruption of Mount Ontakesan in central Japan that killed dozens of climbers.

The Sendai plant is located about 50 km from Mount Sakurajima, an active volcano that erupts frequently. Another active volcano, Mount Kirishimayama, is 60 km from the plant.

Kyushu Electric’s safety measures that were approved in September had already taken into account the possibility of a volcanic eruption. Under those measures, the operator will halt the reactors and transport nuclear fuel from the facility if researchers see signs that a huge eruption could occur. The company estimates the entire process to remove all the fuel will take at least five years.

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Kyushu Electric submits measures for volcanic eruption to nuclear watchdog (Asahi Newspaper)




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