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» Bill defining radioactive waste will be revised

Details of a bill that would define the national government’s role in disposing of radioactive waste from the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant disaster emerged on Sept. 25.

The bill, to be presented at an extraordinary session of the Diet, which will be convened on Sept. 29, would revise the Act on Japan Environmental Safety Corporation. It is aimed at alleviating Fukushima Prefecture residents’ fears that midterm storage facilities will end up turning into final disposal sites.

The proposed revision emphasizes that “maintenance and management of midterm storage facilities essential to the decontamination and recovery of Fukushima will be handled responsibly by the national government.” The bill would also change the name of the Japan Environmental Safety Corporation (JESCO), which is to operate the midterm storage facilities, to incorporate “midterm storage” in addition to “environmental safety.”

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Bill to define government’s role in radioactive waste disposal (Mainichi Newspaper)

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