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» 4 workers involved in decommissioning process sue for skimming off their danger allowance

Four workers involved in the decommissioning process at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant plan to sue TEPCO, and the general contractors who hired them for skimming off their danger allowances.

According to their lawyers, the workers say that TEPCO and their employers failed to ensure that they received the hazard pay to which they are entitled.

They are demanding a total of 90 million yen ($865,385) in damages.

The lawsuit, expected to be filed at the Fukushima District Court on Sept. 3, would be the first such suit to be brought by workers at the plant, the lawyers said.

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4 workers hired to decommission Fukushima plant plan 90 million yen suit on unpaid hazard pay (Asahi Newspaper)

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