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» TEPCO filed a plan to build a facility for dumping toxic water into the sea

TEPCO filed a plan with regulators on Monday to build a facility for dumping toxic groundwater into the ocean after removing almost all radioactive materials from it, utility officials said.

Under the plan filed with the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, TEPCP hopes to lay pipes at the complex to transport the treated groundwater to a seaport within the premises.

TEPCO plans to conduct performance tests next week on a new water treatment system it has installed for the planned operation, using water it will start pumping up on a trial basis Tuesday, the officials said.

It would be the first time for the utility to release into the sea groundwater that has been treated after being tainted with radioactive materials near reactor buildings at the plant.
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Plan filed to build toxic water dumping facility at Fukushima plant (Mainichi Newspaper)

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