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» TEPCO begin pumping up groundwater on a trial basis

Tokyo Electric Power Co. in Aug 12th began pumping up groundwater at disaster-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on a trial basis in a process necessary to build a facility for dumping such water into the ocean after removing almost all radioactive materials from it.

TEPCO plans to pump up about 500 tons of groundwater from drainages near the plant to store in tanks for a while.

TEPCO will then start experiments around Aug. 20 to check whether the level of radioactive materials in the water can be reduced through a cleanup system.

Local fishermen are expected to oppose the water release plan. TEPCO says the water will not be dumped into the Pacific unless local consent is obtained, and plans to brief those concerned on the plan after the experiments.

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TEPCO begins pumping up groundwater at Fukushima plant (Mainichi Newspaper)

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